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Private Investigation Services in Metro Alabama


Are you grappling with suspicions that linger in your mind? Is something unsettling you, perhaps leaving you with questions about someone’s character before embarking on a long-term professional or personal commitment? Or do you find yourself in the distressing position of suspecting that you may be a victim of fraud?

Look no further – you need the expertise of a private investigator! Process Server in Alabama, led by Joey D, is your top-notch, top-quality, and top-rated choice. Kevin Lewis, as the owner, has meticulously assembled a stellar team of professionals who excel in providing the finest private detective services. Within his licensed investigation agency, you’ll find a well-trained private detective, alongside another investigator with a background in law enforcement.

No matter what your Detective team problem, our professionals have the perfect solution for you, guaranteed. Our company has a licensed investigator that can help solve even the most complex cases, while simultaneously taking on any challenge successfully and efficiently.

Our primary mission is to provide you with answers and the much-desired peace of mind. Process Server in Alabama prides itself on a dedicated staff of the finest private detectives and licensed investigators in Atlanta, all committed to going the extra mile to maintain their stellar reputation.

 Process Server in Alabama Offers:

A comprehensive investigations tailored to your private concerns. Every member of our team boasts years of experience in uncovering the truth, no matter how intricate the case may appear. Not only do we have the best investigator at our disposal, but our private detective also brings a wealth of diverse experience from fields such as medicine, the military, law enforcement, education, and more. Each licensed professional possesses the expertise and knowledge required to deliver the results you expect from Atlanta’s premier private detective agency.

Our services encompass a wide range of needs, including but not limited to:

  • Utilizing the latest technology platforms to access unrestricted but concealed information.
  • Providing relief from the turmoil of your problem, whether it involves locating a missing person, conducting nationwide criminal background checks, uncovering infidelity in a spouse, partner, or loved one, or addressing entirely different concerns.
  • Conducting extensive surveillance, sweeping properties for bugs, tracking devices, listening devices, hidden cameras, and implementing other security measures.
  • Delivering professional and licensed private detective services with a touch of friendliness and understanding, provided at no additional cost.

With Kevin Lewis’s licensed agents at your service, we offer various solutions for diverse situations. Regardless of your objective, rest assured that our team can efficiently and effectively address it. Whether you need assistance, closure, or simply require our expertise, count on us to conduct a thorough investigation in Metro Atlanta.

Whatever your detective needs may be, our professionals are equipped to provide a guaranteed solution. Our agency boasts a licensed investigator capable of solving even the most complex cases, all while embracing and successfully surmounting any challenges.

 Process Server in Alabama Include:

  • Investigating suspicions of infidelity in spouses or significant others.
  • Assisting colleges, universities, employers, and individuals in need of nationwide criminal background checks.
  • Uncovering potential cases of Workman’s Compensation fraud, disability fraud, or other forms of insurance fraud.
  • Conducting investigations into missing persons, spanning worldwide searches.
  • Handling burglaries, robberies, and other cases that police or sheriff’s offices may not prioritize.
  • Conducting sweeps to detect recording, tracking, or visual surveillance devices in devices, areas, individuals, or businesses.
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance of various types.
  • Investigating sex crimes, such as rape, incest, sex trafficking, sexual assault, and more.

The Process of Hiring Process Server in Alabama for Your Private Investigator Needs:

At Process Server in Alabama, we understand the importance of thorough and considerate investigation processes that should not be rushed. Our approach begins with an initial consultation to better understand your specific needs and concerns. Through an in-depth interview process, our experienced licensed professionals gather all relevant information about your case, providing you with a clear expectation of the outcome. We prioritize transparency, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Following the initial consultation, we present a formal agreement outlining any additional fees and retainer requirements. We work closely with you to establish restrictions, including preferred hours and dates conducive to the investigation’s success. Our specialists waste no time initiating the investigation, and within the prescribed guidelines, you can contact the assigned private detectives or the supervisor with any questions or concerns.

Upon the resolution of your case or the completion of the required work, we provide you with all necessary documentation and address any post-investigation concerns you may have.

 Process Server in Alabama Private Detective’s Goals Include, but are Certainly Not Limited to, the Following:

  • Providing dedicated and skilled private detectives to valued customers.
  • Offering timely and considerate information updates.
  • Delivering the highest quality service at an affordable price that exceeds your expectations.
  • Remaining up-to-date with the latest and most relevant platforms, technologies, and collaborations.

Advantages of Recruiting Process Server in Alabama Detectives:

Many individuals wonder about the roles and responsibilities of private investigators and seek clarity regarding their capabilities. A licensed professional has the ability to perform data verifications, whether related to individuals or organizations. We can assist in resolving a wide range of scenarios, including those described earlier, as per your requirements. To compile this data, an agent may examine available reports and other accessible information and evidence.

This could encompass court filings, state and government tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, and concealed assets. Agents interact with individuals and conduct reference checks to formulate a precise personal verification on a subject. When searching for someone, licensed experts may utilize publicly available reports to ascertain new names and addresses, coupled with conversations to locate the individual.

We employ techniques tailored to your specific needs, in line with the best practices of a private agency. Drawing from the detective’s education and experience, we provide a wide array of services, including but not limited to:

Infidelity Investigations:

Our experts meticulously examine text messages and communication, collecting evidence relevant to your case. In addition to this, we conduct surveillance on potentially unfaithful spouses, partners, or loved ones to unearth the truth. Our unbiased third-party approach ensures independent and objective verification of the facts and truth.

Employee Background Checks:

It is paramount for business owners to conduct comprehensive background checks on prospective employees before making hiring decisions. We scrutinize civil and criminal records, seeking information on criminal history, financial responsibility, such as evictions, civil judgments, or bankruptcies, and litigation tendencies. Our services extend to providing information about potential risks associated with hiring specific individuals.

Nationwide Skip Tracing Services:

Our nationwide skip tracing services offer a comprehensive solution for locating individuals, including determining their current addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, among other details.

Our experts strive to meet your unique needs, upholding the highest standards of professionalism and competence. We also take pride in our commitment to ensuring client anonymity and confidentiality while delivering efficient, persistent, and rapid results.

Surveillance Services:

Our licensed private detectives are equipped to carry out surveillance, a valuable tool in investigating loyalty and verifying the legitimacy of workers’ compensation claims. Surveillance becomes indispensable in cases where the facts may prove elusive, ensuring positive outcomes.

We offer comprehensive surveillance services for various scenarios, including:

  • Child Custody Cases
  • Suspected Spousal Infidelity
  • Anti-Stalking Detection Surveillance
  • Crime Prevention
  • Evidence Gathering for Wrongful Civil Suits or Malicious Prosecution

– And more!


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