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Adhering to legal protocols is crucial when conducting process serving in Alabama.


Skip Tracer in Metro Atlanta

An ideal skip tracing service is one that covers a broad spectrum of industries, locating targeted individuals via specific information used in our databases. Our nationwide skip tracing services are not limited to the United States. Some of our most in-demand clients seeking out these include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Law Enforcement: Search Warrants, Finding Fugitives and Locating Victims
  • Collection Activity: Locating Debtors That are Hiding from You
  • Business and Retail: Locating Existing Stockholders and Customers
  • Attorneys: Locating Beneficiaries, Witnesses and Heirs
  • Private Investigations: Uncovering New locations for Establishing Surveillance

They are an incredibly useful solution, especially for locating individuals. However, we offer our these facilities only to clients that have a valid reason for availing it.


When ordering a nationwide skip trace service from our private investigator, please provide us with as much of the following information you have about the person of interest (POI):

Our Company Offers Skip Tracing Services in Alabama:

At Process Server in Alabama, we go the extra mile with our skip tracing services. Our private investigators receive more comprehensive training compared to any other private investigation agency or service elsewhere. This specialized training in nationwide skip tracing sets us apart and makes our services truly exceptional. Each professional invests the time to acquire the highly specialized skills necessary for such investigations, giving them an edge over any other similar service.

The Importance of Nationwide Skip Tracing Services
Many individuals across Alabama and beyond have active warrants for their arrest, and law enforcement officers and private investigators are diligently searching for them through nationwide skip tracing services. These fugitives go to great lengths to evade capture, often avoiding their usual haunts and residences to stay ahead of skilled skip tracers in pursuit. Our services put these individuals under a metaphorical magnifying glass, helping pinpoint their whereabouts.

Explore the Primary Benefits of Nationwide Skip Tracing Services with a Private Investigator:

Finding a person who is difficult to locate is crucial for various reasons. Obtaining a judgment, securing necessary legal documents for divorce, custody cases, or VPO (Victim Protection Order) papers, and more hinge on being able to find individuals, their places of employment, and banks. Therefore, a skilled and experienced private investigator is essential to your success.

The Advantages of Nationwide Skip Tracing Services:

Skip tracers employ a variety of legal search methods to locate individuals, and our private investigators, who may also serve as process servers, possess the expertise needed to uncover elusive details about hard-to-find individuals. Here are some compelling reasons to consider these services:

Process Server:
One of the key advantages of hiring a private investigator for a skip trace search is for the purpose of service of process. When preparing an affidavit of service, it is essential to accurately record the location of the defendant/respondent. Without the correct address, serving your court documents becomes impossible.

Skip Tracing for Data Authentication:
If you need to verify the accuracy of information, such as a competitor’s claimed work or residential addresses, skip tracing services become invaluable. Many people provide false information about their past, employment history, home address, and more in an attempt to avoid detection. A licensed agent from our agency can help uncover a person’s previous addresses and vital details for process or background verification using nationwide skip tracing services.

When to Hire a Nationwide Skip Tracer:

When someone owes you money, the first step is usually to contact them. However, what do you do when the person disappears and refuses to respond to your calls or messages? Hiring a specialist can help you locate a debtor who is avoiding communication. Our private investigator conducts thorough investigations to increase your chances of recovering your money.

If you need to apply for custody or visitation rights to see your children who reside with their mother, tracking their whereabouts is essential. But what if you lack accurate information about their current location? Our process server in Alabama can perform a skip trace to help you find your ex’s whereabouts. Proficient agents have access to tools and resources that yield quick results through nationwide skip tracing services.

The Legality of Skip Tracing:

While nationwide skip tracing services are highly valuable for locating missing individuals, they should only be used for valid legal reasons. Additionally, it is illegal to share an individual’s personal details, such as their social security number or date of birth, with clients. These details must remain confidential. Hiring a licensed private investigator like Process Server in Alabama  ensures that the skip tracing process is conducted legally and ethically.

Technical Considerations:

When an individual relocates, their address often remains undisclosed for 3-4 months following the move. It’s important to consider all aspects before initiating a skip trace search. If the individual is under eighteen (18) or resides with minors, obtaining information may be challenging. Therefore, relying on a skilled professional service near you is vital for your legal matter.

Persistence Pays Off:

If your initial nationwide skip tracing services search yields no useful information, don’t worry. At Process Server in Alabama, we exhaust every technique before considering the search concluded. Process Server in Alabama offers to re-run every skip trace once every month for up to six (6) months if clients reach out via email, phone calls, or texts. If the information is out there, our private investigator in Alabama will uncover it for you.

Who Utilizes Nationwide Skip Tracing Services:

Our agency serves a diverse range of clients seeking nationwide skip trace services through our process server. Some common clients and reasons for seeking these services include:

– Attorneys
– Individuals searching for their birth parents
– Plaintiffs seeking to locate defendants or witnesses
– Clients seeking extended family members for probate cases
– Employers conducting criminal background checks on potential employees
– Landlords screening potential tenants or investigating evicted tenants
– Parents and relatives searching for loved ones
– High school classmates reconnecting after decades
– And many more!

Don’t waste your valuable time endlessly searching for an address you need but can’t find. Instead, hire a process server to conduct a nationwide skip trace for you through our reputable agency.

Nationwide Criminal Background Checks:

Our licensed private investigation agency performs numerous skip traces daily. If you require a nationwide criminal background check on someone, you’re not alone. Many clients contact us seeking criminal background checks for various reasons. Some of these clients and their motivations include:

– Employers seeking criminal background information on potential employees
– Businesses seeking nationwide criminal background checks for clients
– Landlords conducting pre-screenings on potential tenants to uncover felonies or misdemeanors
– Schools performing criminal background and reputation checks on students or teachers
– Individuals wanting to learn what crimes appear on their background checks

Allow our professionals to conduct a comprehensive nationwide criminal background check for you. We’ll provide an accurate overview of the person’s background record.

Can a Process Server Handle Nationwide Skip Tracing Services?

Yes, a process server can perform nationwide skip tracing services, often holding dual licenses as both a private investigator and a process server.

Social Media Scans/Searches:

Our experts can conduct social media scans on your behalf, retrieving public posts and news stories related to the individual. While this service doesn’t access private posts on platforms like Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, etc., unless privacy settings are set to public, it can still provide valuable information through a social media scan.

At Process Server in Alabama, we prioritize legal and ethical practices, ensuring that your skip tracing and background check needs are met swiftly, accurately, and within the bounds of the law.


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